Winter is a dreadful period for the skin.

The cold, the wind, the dry air, the overheated inside, the wintry sun, are all elements which contribute to drying out the skin and to weaken it, and all the more when these elements add up.

During winter, the skin often undergoes amplified dehydration and dryness.Find now winter cocooning essentials to save your skin!


The season's cover-ups


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Build strenght

Because your body is less active during the winter, you need to build muscle to boost your energy.

A These push-up exercises will not build up unattractive muscle mass, but rather define your arms as well as tone your shoulders and strengthen your core. Stand one meter away from a wall. Lean forward and put your hands exactly in front of your shoulders while drawing your shoulder blades down. Inhale and bend your elbows so that your shoulders nearly touch the back of your hands. Don’t hesitate to stand on your toes if you need to. Keep your elbows close to your torso. Exhale and push back. Do it for one minute, and feel the burn!
B Once you feel comfortable with the exercise, try it with your knees on the floor.
C Then do it on your toes to intensify the workout on your shoulders and abs.

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and Relax ! 4 weeks, 4 exercises
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
    Just Breathe
  • Week 4
    Feel the vibes


and Relax ! 4 weeks, 4 exercises
Week 1 Recenter

Every day, take two minutes to assess how you are feeling. Ask yourself these three questions: How am I feeling right now (cold, warm, hungry, tired…)? What am I feeling emotionally (happy, sad, anger, fear…)? How am I breathing right now (deep or shallow breaths, with difficulty…)?

Write the questions on a piece of paper along with your answers. Then accept how you are feeling, without any judgment. At the end of the week your answers will be much more positive.


and Relax ! 4 weeks, 4 exercises
Week 2 Concentrate

Take the re-centering exercise one step further by closing your eyes. Try answering the same three questions in your head, and take a moment to understand why you are feeling this or that. Remember not to judge yourself. Are you upset because of a tense situation at work? Is it with anyone in particular? Why? Taking a step back from an emotional situation will help you feel better about it.


and Relax ! 4 weeks, 4 exercises
Week 3 Just breathe

This week your meditation focuses breathing. After you’ve re-centered with your eyes shut, take five long deep breaths. Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your throat, chest and abdomen with as much air possible. Hold your breath for three seconds and then exhale through your mouth, emptying your body completely of air. After five long breaths, open your eyes. Take a moment to enjoy your newfound sense of peace.


and Relax ! 4 weeks, 4 exercises
Week 4 feel the vibes

This week, your meditation is going concentrate on your body. After your Om chants, focus your mind on your feet. How do they feel? Try relaxing them. Do the same with your lower-legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms, chest, throat and face. When you’re done, your body and mind will feel calmer and you’ll be able to use your energy in a more productive way.

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