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So you're a man. What do your primal instincts tell you about skincare?
Probably not a whole lot. For the modern man though, skincare holds many advantages

The skincare Facts of life

  • Women love
    smooth surfaces


    your chances of promotion

  • Silk underwear, teddybears and rose petals. Enough said. With these, you can add your face to that list :

  • Clients, in-laws or girlfriends, no way around it : the caveman look scares people. But if there is a will there is a way... The perfect shave :

  • WAKEY WAKEY GUYS ! Bags should be stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, not under your eyes. After long nights of work and play, your baggy eyes could be your undoing. Why not store them away for good?

    • Cleansing Gel
    • Aquapower
    • Cleansing Gel
    • Shave Gel
    • Razor Burn Eliminator
    • High Recharge Energy Shot
    • High Recharge Eye Shot


All in all, it's simple. 3 basic steps to a strong, smooth and healthy skin at all times.

1. Cleanse

This is easy : purify your skin to prepare it for the shave and treatment
  • Cleansing Gel
  • High Recharge Cleansing Gel
  • T-Pur

How to Cleanse

  • Dampen Face
  • Apply Cleanser in light dabs
  • Spread Foam in circular motions
  • Rinse Thoroughly
Choose your cleanser

2. Shave

You've heard of that one. The proper gear to prepare for some sharp blade action.
  • Shave Gel
  • Shave Foam
  • Aquapower D-Sensitive Shave

How to Shave

  • Wash your face before shaving
  • Apply warm water to your skin
  • Apply Shaving Foam or Gel
  • Massage Thoroughly
  • Shave with the grain
  • Rinse with cold water
Choose your shaver

3. Treat

After each shave and every evening, the right moisturiser will protect and help your skin.
  • Aquapower
  • High Recharge Energy Shot
  • Age Fitness
  • Force Supreme Gel

How to Treat

  • Cleanse and Shave your skin
  • Take two pumps of moisturizer
  • Massage your face avoiding eye contours
  • Finish with the neck
Choose your skincare

4. Complementary products

A lot of extra weapons are available in the fight against the wear and tear of every day life.
  • High Recharge Eye Shot
  • T-Pur Corrector
  • Force Supreme Serum

How to Exfoloate

  • Dampen Face
  • Apply a few dabs
  • Massage briefly avoiding eye contours
  • Focus on rougher areas
  • Rinse thoroughly

How to apply eye care

  • Massage in circular motions
  • Target application to:
    • Eye contours
    • Temples
    • Bridge of the nose

level up

Congratulations on making it this far. Still confused about choosing? Don't worry, we have you covered. Take it to the next level to figure out which skincare would fit you.
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