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Our Story

The Fountain Of Youth

Our story can be traced back to the Middle Ages when women journeyed to the thermal springs in the Pyrenees, believed to be a source of eternal youth. After each bath in the ‘fountain of youth’, their skin was softer, smoother, rejuvenated.

The legend also says that Gallo-Roman warriors used to heal their wounds after battles in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees.
The true secret behind their mythical powers was only revealed by chance centuries later. In the 1950s - the springs had become a thermal station - when Dr. Jos Jullien observed a curious phenomenon, an extraordinary substance on the surface of the baths. Analysis finally revealed the secret source of the springs' regenerating powers: Life planktonTM.

Just after this discovery, Dr Jullien met a young Monaco-based cosmetician, Jeanine Marissal. Together they realized Life planktonTM's incredible skin affinity and its enormous potential as a skincare ingredient. And Biotherm was born.

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The Heritage


Biotherm makes its debut with Bio-Main which still exists in the catalog today.


Biotherm enters the hydration category with Hydrothermal Crème.


Biotherm develops its first sunscreen. Its unique combination of protection with pleasure makes it a consumer favourite.


Biotherm creates a bodycare sensation with Biotherm A.R Crème Amincissante to help leave skin feeling firmer and more toned.


Bio-Buste Suractive, Biotherm's first firming cream for the décolleté area.


Biotherm launches Lait Corporel. An all-time favourite is born.

Biotherm formulates it's first anti-wrinkle sunscreen.


Biotherm launches a new hydrating face care product, the Anti-Peau Sèche Visage.


Princess Grace opens our new state-of-the-art research center in Monaco.


Crème amincissante, our first clinically-tested cream to leave skin feeling firmer.


Biotherm Homme, a selective skincare range for men, is born. To date, it remains the n°1 men's selective skincare brand in the world*.
The same year, Elle Macpherson becomes official brand ambassador and Biotherm Deauville Balneology Center opens in Deauville. *Euromonitor 2012. Premium market 20122 value market share of 52 countries.


Biotherm Biologics - the first beauty line with three different formulas targeting women of 30, 40 and 50-year-old.


The opening of Biotherm's own Biotechnology center in Tours, France, where our scientists study, isolate and cultivate plankton extract, Pure Thermal Plankton.


Biotherm develops its first fragranced body mist that helps to revitalize both the skin and the senses to leave skin feeling hydrated.


Biotherm introduces its award winning moisturiser Aquasource, which contains the same Thermal Plankton extract concentration as that found in 5000 liters of water.


White Detox, our first brightening franchise adapted specifically to best suit the needs of Asian skin types.


Age Fitness, our first anti-aging treatment enriched with olive leaf concentrate.


Biotherm and Stanford University support use of Pure Thermal Plankton extractin Biotherm formulas.


Celluli Laser, our first treatment with Biofibrine, an at-home skin care product inspired by cutting-edge technology to leave skin looking smoother and more toned.


With Skin Vivo, our first anti-age skincare range that rejuvenates the skin for a new appearance, inspired by genomics.


Biotherm renovates its Aquasource moisturiser, enriching the formula with Mannose.

Biotherm collaborates with French designer Vanessa Bruno on her first fragranced body mist.

Skin.Ergetic, marks Biotherm's entry into fresh cosmetics.


Biotherm launches Water Lovers. A global watter call-to-action in support of Mission Blue - the ocean campaign alliance - plus a stringent water perservation charter across our brand.

The 2012 Blue Therapy campaign features Amber Valleta, new global brand ambassador.


The 2013 Aquasource campaign stars Leighton Meester, new global brand ambassador.

S is for sculpted. Biotherm developers new bodycare duo Body Sculpter and Celluli Eraser - a 2-step conditioning regimen to firm curves and tackle cellulite day and night.

The Blue Therapy successful aging collection unveils Serum-in-oil, a revolutionary new texture for skincare.


Biotherm advances its expertise in skin cellular youth. With energy-giving Spirulina and antioxidant Astaxanthin, the energy of youth meets the protection against tomorrow.

Let's talk about summer protection. Biotherm develops NEW sun sea wind technology, advanced SPF protection enriched with Life Plankton to protect skin from exposure to salt, wind and water, which increases its vulnerability to UV rays. In our most advanced textures yet for an experience to be repeated.

Returning to the source, Life Plankton Essence concentrates the highest levels of our founding ingredient Life Plankton in a powerful elixir to create the look of newborn skin.


In 2015, Biotherm revolutionizes the facial oils landscape with Skin Best Liquid Glow, first instant complexion reviving oil for younger skins for an instant lively glow and visible youth-protection.

In 2015, Biotherm introduces NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated: a fast-acting serum formula to instantly soften and beautify skin. Concentrated in Algae of Youth, the three most visible signs of aging - wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness - are dramatically improved over time. 

Christie Turlington Burns becomes Biotherm’s new ambassador for its Blue Therapy range. As a mother, wife, social entrepreneur, marathoner, yoga-enthusiast and founder of Every Mother Counts, Christy is the very embodiment of Biotherm’s “live more” live life to the full beauty philosophy.


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