Skincare for Men in the Summer

We often associate dry skin with winter, but extreme temperatures of any kind can by drying on our skin. This is why it is so important to moisturize your skin with the best face cream for men year-round; and we can help with that thanks to the best skincare for men! When it comes to establishing a men’s skin care routine for summer, incorporating the best face moisturizer for men is crucial. Wondering what the best skin care products for men are during the summer months? We’ll give you the rundown on all of the men’s skin care products you need to add to your men face care routine stat!

What is the Best Face Cream for Men in the Summer?

When creating your summer men’s skin care routine, the best face moisturizer for men is a must have! Here is a look at the best skin care products for men to be using this summer:

Canada Best selling moisturizer for men, our Aquapower Moisturizer is a summer essential, especially if you have normal or combination skin. Our formula contains Life Plankton™ and is super moisturizing while it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple throughout the day, making it the best skincare for men. The refreshing gel texture feels great as you apply it too. You will love how fresh and cool your skin feels after applying this moisturizer! Another great men face care moisturizer option is our Aquapower Fresh Water Gel. This cooling moisturizer is enriched with peppermint water to really quench your skin and leave it feeling super refreshed. Not only that, but this moisturizer works to tone and soften your skin thanks to oligo-elements, vitamins, and moisturizing agents. This moisturizer will help keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours as well!

Protecting your skin from the heat as well as the sun’s harmful rays is super important in the summer. It sounds like a lot but with the right men’s skin care products the process is actually quite simple. Our formulas do all the work for you so you can just quickly slather them on and get on with your day. They each feel light, refreshing, and cooling on your skin too which is so perfect for summertime! You can protect your skin and give it a refreshing cooling sensation at the same time!

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Face Cream for Men in Summer

Biotherm has the best face cream for men in the summer. Discover the best skincare for men and protect your skin from the sun this summer! We have everything you need from the best face cream for men!

Oligo-thermal care. Ultra moisturizing. Normal and combination skin
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Aquapower Clear Essence
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