Why do Men’s Care Products Need to be Different Than Women’s?

It is just as important for men to take proper care of their skin as it is for women, but they need to use different products to show their skin some love. This is why we pioneered in developing the Biotherm Homme brand in 1985 and made it the best-selling men skincare brand in Canada.

Men’s skin is quite different than women’s which is why we have created a line of men’s care products just for you. Men typically have larger pores, thicker skin, and men typically have drier skin than women thanks to shaving which is why they need their own skincare for men. It is also just as important for them to establish a men’s skincare routine which is why we’re sharing what every man will want to have in his men’s skincare kit.

Having a men’s face care routine is crucial when it comes to the overall quality of a man’s skin which is why we have developed the best men’s skin care products. From skincare for men’s face to hair care for men, and men face care, we have everything you need! Here is a look at the best skin care products for men:

What are the Best Skincare Products for Men?

When it comes to choosing the best men’s skincare products, moisturizers belong in every men’s face care routine. They are easy to use and will really improve the quality of your skin. Moisturizers make incredible men’s skincare products and should not be overlooked. We have created some really unique formulas of skincare for men’s face that your skin is going to love!

Our Aquapower Moisturizer formula is super nourishing while it tones your skin and leaves it feeling soft throughout the day, making it a perfect choice for normal skin. The refreshing gel texture feels great as you apply it too and it belongs in every men’s skin care kit!

If you have oily skin, you will want to add our T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Moisturizer to your men’s skincare routine. It too has a refreshing gel texture but this formula contains Purcilium Technology to help absorb excess sebum and control oil so that your skin stays free of shine all day long!

If your skin is showing first signs of aging, you’ll want to check out our Age Fitness Advanced Day and Night Creams. They work to target the first signs of aging to give you a more youthful complexion.

If you’re looking for a complete anti-aging moisturizer though, our Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream targets all visible signs of aging.

Last but not least, if you are looking for an anti-fatigue cream, our Total Recharge Moisturizer will energize your skin and make it look like you got an extra 4 hours of sleep! It’s a must have in any men’s face care routine.

Which of these best skincare products for men will you add to your collection next?

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Men's Skincare vs Women's

BBiotherm has the best skincare for men. Discover the difference between men's skincare vs women's and get the best men face care for your skin today! From the best skincare products for men to hair care for men, Biotherm has everything you need!

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Multi-signs of aging care
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T-PUR ANTI-OIL & SHINE moisturizer
Daily moisturizing mattifying Gel Shiny/oily skin.
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Daily toning moisturizer
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