Blue Therapy


Reveal the appearance of younger looking skin powered by Nature

Discover Blue Therapy an innovation by Biotherm. 80% of signs of aging are avoidable and linked to external aggressions. The Blue Therapy collection targets inflammation before it occurs, accelerates skin’s inner repair and increases skin’s bounce, radiance and tonicity. Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream is now Europe's Best selling anti-aging cream. Revitalize your skin care and complete your anti-aging regiment with anti-aging products such as anti-aging face serums, rich in nutrients with fast absorption to repair fast visible signs of aging; anti-aging eye creams for wrinkles to target eye bags and smooths fine lines; anti-aging night cream to target dark spots, improve skin’s natural glow and regenerate the skin overnight.

Blue Therapy
BLUE THERAPY Cream-in-oil
Smoothness - Bounce - Radiance
1.69 fl.oz.
Rating 4.7 of 5 15 review


The recovery power of an oil, the efficacy of a serum.
1.01 fl.oz.
Rating 4.9 of 5 9 review