Do you suffer from dry skin? Dry skin can be uncomfortable, which is why it is so important to find a good body moisturizer. Without one your skin likely feels irritated, tight, itchy, and could even be flaky at times. Not only does your skin feel uncomfortable, but dry skin doesn’t look its best either. None of these things are never any fun, which is why we have developed some incredible body moisturizers to target your dry skin and provide you with fast relief!

Oil Therapy – Baume Corps

Our body lotion helps your dry skin regain its radiance in no time! The formula includes a blend of corn, mineral, and apricot oil to give your skin a deep sense of comfort as you apply it. This lotion absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling soft immediately!

Lait Corporel Body Milk

Our everyday body milk instantly smooths and softens your skin as you apply it. The milk works to hydrate your skin, reduce any flaky skin, restore your skin’s moisture barrier and improve its elasticity! Our body milk is formulated with citrus extracts too so it smells lovely, and it penetrates easily into the skin so it never feels sticky or greasy after you apply it!

Bath Therapy Body creams collection

Our beautifying body creams combines the nourishing properties of our legendary Lait Corporel combined with natural plant extract to create 3 different blend that will awake your senses. Our Delighting blend will moisturize your body while delivering a delighting fragrance of Sage and Grapefruit. It can be used on your décolleté, arms, legs, or any area on display to give your skin a luminous, healthy looking glow instantly!

Beurre Corporel

Our intensely hydrating body butter is a must-have moisturizer if you have dry to very dry skin! It has the same fresh citrus scent as the Lait Corporel moisturizer and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy despite being so rich. The formula is enriched with shea butter so your skin instantly feels smooth and intensely hydrated too!

Skin Fitness Instant Smoothing and Moisturizing Body Treatment

Athletic women have drier skin thanks to UV rays, cold temperatures, wind, chafing from sportswear, and hot showers that are related to working out. That’s where this moisturizing gel comes in to play! It is designed specifically for active women to retexture rough body surfaces, improve radiance, and deeply hydrate all in one! It feels great after a workout and you’ll love how energized it makes your skin feel!

Bath Therapy Hand Creams

And, for your hands we have our Bath Therapy Hand cream collection comes in 3 blends: Delighting (Sage & Grapefruit), Relaxing (Red Fruits) and Invigorating (Peppermint & Ginger) ! Our multi-purpose treatment protects your hands and works to replenish the skin’s protective moisture film. The formula blends will for sure become your next bathroom best friends with our shower gel, body creams and hand creams!

All of our body moisturizers will help soothe, repair, and protect your dry skin. So, not only will it feel much better, but it will look better too! Which body moisturizer will you try next?

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What is the Best Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin?

Biotherm has the best body moisturizer for dry skin and the best body moisturizer for extremely dry skin! Find a body moisturizer without parabens to help soothe your dry skin today. We have the best body butter, best body moisturizer, and more!


Anti-Drying Body Milk with Citrus Extracts
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Intensively hydrating body butter - dry to very dry skin
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